Promoting doctors’ well-being
Ensuring quality patient care

Take actions ASAP to manage stress and to avoid burnout

Academy’s Commitment

Quality patient care and doctors’ well-being go hand in hand.1 As healthcare practitioners, our duty is to look after the health of patients and the community,2 and we can do this well only if we are willing and able to look after ourselves and each other.

Every one of our colleagues should also enjoy the opportunities for personal development and for meeting demands in other areas of life, and we can help each other to achieve that.

The Hong Kong Academy of Medicine (Academy), assuming a leading role in the medical and dental profession, has promulgated a Well-being Charter committed to cultivating and promoting well-being of Academy Fellows and specialist trainees of Academy Colleges. We pledge to acknowledge the importance of well-being, to take actions, and to advocate policy changes for the improvement of our Fellows’ and trainees’ wellness. Task Force on Well-being, chaired by the Academy’s Honorary Secretary, has been set up to devise plans and initiatives. Click here for the membership.

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Our incremental approach

Manage stress, avoid burnout and stay well


Helping you understand and recognise the causes, signs, and symptoms of burnout, stress, and other mental well-being issues
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Self-assessment tools - Burnout, Anxiety and Depression

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Providing practical advice for enhancing well-being and managing stress

  • Physical15
  • Intellectual16
  • Financial17
  • Occupational16
  • Interpersonal/Social16
  • Emotional16-17
  • Environmental17
  • Spiritual16
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Ask for help

Facilitating a peer support network and providing information on getting professional help

Peer support
Professional help

Promotion of well-being

Cultivating a culture of care and support, making recommendations for well-being improvement at the organisational level and organising well-being programmes
Be kind to yourself and you are not alone.
We are here to offer support and are committed to doing so.